I still train as hard or harder than several years ago, better-focused and smarter than ever so that at 50 years young, I am in the best shape of my life and competing internationally as a Masters Athlete.

Currently the basis of my training is CrossFit working on the 10 General Physical Skills: cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy, that incorporates Metabolic Conditioning (Cardio), Gymnastics and Weighlifting (Bodyweight and with Barbells, Dumbbells and Sandbag) integrating Cardio High-Impact Interval Training (HIIT) & Tabata, Abs & Core Training, Mobility and Flexibility Training.


Every so often I also train in Boxing or Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) inspired Training, as that were the sports I used to train on before CrossFit. it’s an excellent way to help develop the ten skills in a different setting. It’s also fun, aids in my active recovery, adds variety to my week and allows me to reconnect to my sporting roots. 

My goal is to push my Fitness level to new heights and become a more complete CrossFit Master Athlete.

This drives me to always study and explore various ways to improve my training.
I strongly believe in muscle confusion. It is no coincidence that this principle is manifested daily in the sport of CrossFit.
Success is found by varying your training - you must always leave your mind and body guessing!  Each session should see a change in speed, duration, frequency, order, and rest periods, in order to cause muscle confusion and maximize the physical benefits. 

From my personal experience and acquired wisdom I will forever endeavor to share with others, as a Personal Trainer in Mexico City, the ways in which they may improve their Fitness and by extension, their whole being.